John O'Carroll

I work as an artist in environments on the margins of human habitation, the coast and moors of Britain the deserts of north Africa and the Americas and mountains of the Sinai.

My work is residually based in landscape and environment and sometimes references a specific cultural imprint. It is occupied with the processes of change and transitional states of these environments and with human interaction and interpretation to these changes.

I pursue the underlying connectivity between things, looking at nature on large and small scales. My work relates to time and place and refers to current scientific thought on diverse subjects such as cosmology and metaphysics as well as to great mythological traditions of the east and west.

In addition to my primary role as an artist I work in the field of archaeological illustration in Egypt, a role which has influenced my thinking on time, place, impermanence and transition, ideas which permeate my art works.

Painting with a variety of materials, each chosen to impart a specific quality, my work is primarily impressionistic and employs metaphor, illusion, abstraction and reduction of form to communicate, translating occasionally into sculptural forms and installation pieces.

A key constituent to realizing my ideas is the sourcing of natural pigments, resins and waxes which is followed by meticulous, almost alchemical preparation, subsequently applied to panel or canvas in encaustic and graffito techniques.

The focus and preparations of the materials lays the foundation for a dialogue between making and meaning. The employment of natural pigments and processes links the works physically, as well as philosophically.

My work speaks about the landscape of change and transition and becomes part of it Representing light, absorbing it and changing it – employing the processes of alchemy, wind, erosion and time in its making.