JOHN O’CARROLL is an artist and visionary: his wide knowledge of archaeology, geology, palaeontology and ancient history has expanded with his various travels. Born in England, John has spent much of his adult life abroad, both working and exhibiting in the USA, Holland, and Egypt. For the past twenty-three years he has been an archaeological illustrator for the Dakhleh Oasis Project in Egypt’s Western Desert. Whilst there John developed his own version of an ancient art technique, which combines layers of natural pigments with layers of beeswax. The result is a series of paintings that analyse different aspects of light and space, from the aurora borealis to light seen through amber; from light reflected off the sea in Cornwall to the open space in the Dutch landscape. John has also been inspired by discoveries made in archaeology, resulting in his sculptures and installations which combine modern and natural materials, and make reference to ancient lost worlds. John, who now lives in Cornwall, recently published a book of his work of the last ten years, which is available from his gallery Circle Contemporary where his recent work is also on show.

Written by Cath Wallace, edited by Jenny Jobbins.

John O'Carroll Art


Elemental Exhibition

This winter I am exhibiting at my gallery in North Cornwall, Circle Contemporary in an exhibition entitled Elemental. This collection...

Current artworks by John O'Carroll


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‘Zephyrs’ 10 Jan – 6 Feb, Galerie Roger Katwijk, Amsterdam

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The Cornubia Exhibition 2015